The ERN ReCONNET Webinar Calendar 2023 – 2024
is now available!

 Since October 2023, the organisation of the ERN ReCONNET webinars is managed by the Team of the IRCCS AOU San Martino in Genoa (Italy) and in particular by Prof. Maurizio Cutolo and the Genoa Team.
Prof. Cutolo together with Prof. Haculla are the ERN ReCONNET Education and Training Working Group Chairs aimed at promoting and generating knowledge as well as activities that are shared with targeted stakeholders like professionals, patients, caregivers, and family members; the webinars are an important aspect of such objective.

Prof. Cutolo presents the
ERN ReCONNET Webinar Calendar 2023 – 2024

 April 24th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. 2023 ACR/EULAR ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID SYNDROME (APS) CLASSIFICATION CRITERIA. Speaker Prof. Stéphane Zuily moderated by Prof. Ricard Cervera
and Dr. Silvia Aguilera – ePAG APS Representative. Registration is open.

  • May 15th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. UPDATE ON HYPERMOBILE TYPE OF EHLERS-DANLOS SYNDROMES (EDS). Speaker Dr. Marco Castori and Prof. Alberto Sulli moderated by Prof. Maurizio Cutolo. Registration is open.
  • May 29th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT EHLERS-DANLOS SYNDROMES (EDS). Speaker Prof. Fransiska Malfait moderated by Mrs. Charissa Frank and Mrs. Eva Collado, ePAG EDS Representatives. Registration is open.
  • June 19th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. PRECONCEPTION CARE IN PATIENTS WITH CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASES. Speakers Prof. Silvia Bellando Randone and Prof. Agata Matusiewicz moderated by Prof. Marzena Olesińska. Registration is open.
  • June 26th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. EXPLAINING SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS (SSc) TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Speakers Mrs. Sue Farrington and Mrs. Ilaria Galetti, ePAG SSc Representatives with Prof. Marco Matucci Cerinic and Prof. Vanessa Smith, SSc Disease Group Coordinators. Registration is open.
  • July 17th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST. THE OPTIMIZATION OF GLUCOCORTICOID THERAPY FOR LONG TERM TREATMENT IN CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASES. Speaker Prof. Maurizio Cutolo moderated by Prof. Gerd Burmester. Registration is open.


 ERN ReCONNET Webinars, season 2023-2024,
list of recorded episodes:

moderated by Prof. Oliver Sander. April 17th, 2024 – 16.00 CEST.

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ERN ReCONNET Webinar calendar, season 2022-2023:


  • Good Practices sharing initiatives. Organized by the ERN ReCONNET Research and Quality of Care Working Group Chairs Dr Rosaria Talarico and ePAG Ilaria Galetti June 12th 2023 at 17.00 CEST

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