Working Groups

Information about the ERN ReCONNET Working Groups

Working Groups

The main objectives of ERN ReCONNET are:

  • Realisation of the potential of European cooperation among rCTDs stakeholders, by providing a stable and fully functioning European infrastructure on rCTDs;
  • Provision of highly-specialised care for rCTDs patients and promotion of improvements in the cost-effective delivery of diagnosis, management and monitoring of rCTDs patients;
  • Pooling, advancing and exchanging of knowledge and information on rCTDs by providing training and education for rCTDs stakeholders and by facilitating the mobility of expertise;
  • Stimulating and encouraging collaborative patient-centered research in rCTDs;
  • Promoting the empowerment and the involvement of rCTDs patients in the rCTDs community.

On these premises, 5 Working Group (WG) ERN ReCONNET are formally established in ERN ReCONNET:

  • WG Education and Training
  • WG Patients’ Partnership
  • WG Research and Quality of care
  • WG Registry and eHealth
  • WG ERN young.

The ERN ReCONNET Working Groups are composed of:

  • 2 Chairing Healthcare Providers or organisations;
  • 2 representatives for each disease covered by ERN ReCONNET*;
  • ePAG Advocates*;
  • The ERN ReCONNET Coordination Team.

*Only for the ERN young WG, the 2 representatives and the ePAG Advocates have to be under 45 years of age.

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