Exchange Programme

Exchange Program

The aim of the ERN Short-Term Exchange Program is to enhance knowledge sharing and stimulating collaboration between health care professionals in ERNs and strengthen capacities and organisation of the ERNs. Ecorys Ltd supports all European Reference Networks with the design and logistics of the Exchange Program of the European Commission.

The program is part of the ERN ReCONNET WP6 – Training and Education, chaired by Prof. Maurizio Cutolo and Prof. Éric Hachulla, which is leading the ERN ReCONNET Exchange Program. This 3rd edition has been officially launched and the new program will run from July 2024 to June 2025.
Based on the previous successful editions, we look forward to welcoming all the new participants!

ERN ReCONNET launched 2 calls for interest (of a total of 3 calls of interest): The first edition started in 2021, after the first call, 3 exchanges were organised and the program was stopped due to the pandemic; a second call was launched in 2022 and a total of 43 Exchanges were organised out of the 52 received applications.

In 2022, after the pandemic, ERN ReCONNET launched the second call for interest: 52 applications were received for a total of 43 participants all ERN ReCONNET members from 12 different countries who collectively did 433 of exchange days in 20 hosting centers between June 2022 and January 2023.

ERN ReCONNET is the second ERN in terms of number of collective days used for this program which was a great success!
Participants appreciated the opportunity of visiting other ERN centres and learn new approaches, techniques, methods. Our exchange program received request of interest also from outside the Network (non-ERN members) as a tangible indication of its value and impact. Reports filled by the participants are available for consultation.

The opportunity of organising a new Exchange Program will be discussed during the preparation of the new Grant (2023-2027). 

If you are a Health professional working in the ERN ReCONNET centres or an ERN ReCONNET ePAG, you will be allow to apply for the next edition.

The Short-Term exchange program is meant to meet goals and strengthen capacity on the network level. It is not meant for research nor for individual development (though this may be a secondary effect of the exchange programme). The thematic scope includes medical practice and skills but also organisational aspects of a network.


Specific priorities that the ReCONNET will address, are:

  • Sharing of clinical and organisational knowledge on rCTDs aimed at improving care
  • Education and training of healthcare professionals on rCTDs
  • Sharing good practices on rCTDs
  • Support of patient empowerment and education on rCTDs

As defined by the Commission, each ERN will decide which proposals will be rewarded, in consultation with the EC and Ecorys. Exchange visits will address the above-mentioned priorities.

ERN ReCONNET Reports on the Exchange Program

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