TogethERN ReCONNET, the European Registry Infrastructure for data harmonization in rare and complex connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases (rCTDs), aims at integrating all existing and newly developed registries on rCTDs across Europe and providing a sufficient number of cases that will help in better understanding the natural course of the diseases, characterizing diseases in the early phases, mapping disease history, identifying different disease phenotypes and distinguishing predictive variables for disease outcomes. Information gathered through the long-term follow-up of a large number of patients will facilitate a better assessment of the clinical problems of patients with rCTDs and may help in determining an improved management of these patients and healthcare planning in general.
The creation of a European Registry Infrastructure on rCTDs is crucial to improve clinical practice and disease understanding in the field of rCTDs and the ERN ReCONNET offers the natural framework for the development of this project, providing an established Network of rCTDs experts, patients and patients representatives, health economists, policy maker and quality assessors.
TogethERN ReCONNET will represent a European Registry Infrastructure integrating both existing and novel registries within the project timeframe. In detail, TogethERN ReCONNET aims at:

  • Promoting a harmonised data collection approach on rCTDs in Europe;
  • Integrating and implementing existing rCTDs data;
  • Improving disease knowledge, clinical management and care provided to rCTDs patients;
  • Facilitating rCTDs research, post-authorisation studies and cost-effective healthcare planning.

TogethERN ReCONNET integrates and improves the existing knowledge in the field of rCTDs, addressing the needs of different stakeholders, supporting the improvement of the disease knowledge and management, current and future policies on the treatment and management of rare diseases.

TogethERN ReCONNET is a Consortium between Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Pisana (ERN ReCONNET Coordinator), National center for rare diseases of Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), and the Institute of Management of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

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