The mission of the ERN-RECONNET is to develop a framework for the delivery of high quality, innovative, sustainable and equitable standard of care and practice for better access to care of European patients with rCTDs. Specifically, the ERN-RECONNET is conceived as a big-system going beyond geographical boundaries where:

  • healthcare providers with high level of expertise in the field of rCTDs are allied for the identification of standard best practice and therapeutic options to level up the management of diseases;
  • clinicians with different expertise and from different leading centres work together embracing a multidisciplinary approach for the management of complex cases;
  • new training approaches for health professionals are conceived and promoted to improve their professionalism;
  • patients and caregivers have access to up to date information on practice, therapeutic options and education for the management of rCTDs;
  • eHealth solutions for the empowerment of patients and the fostering of research are developed and tested;
  • patients are free to move across European Countries – virtually or physically – to find the best solution for the preservation of their health;
  • experts in the field of health economics and healthcare organization, regulatory bodies, healthcare providers (HCPs), etc. work together for the development of strategies and solutions for a sustainable management of rCTDs in Europe.

The ERN-RECONNET purpose is to serve as a meeting point of needs, feedbacks and expertise for HCPs and the external environment (other networks, authorities, health systems, private sectors, HTA bodies, etc.), but also as a promoter of harmonized strategies and actions to (i) improve the standards of care across Europe, (ii) reduce inappropriate practice variation and disparities in health care, (iii) support transparent decision making, (iv) enhance translation of research into practice, (v) support efficient use of resources, (vi) reinforce research and epidemiological surveillance and (vii) improve knowledge for physicians, healthcare providers, patients and families.

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