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The new ERN ReCONNET Newsletter n. 22 is out!

Here is a list of our news:

  1. Collection of stories of SLE patients
  2. ERN ReCONNET transition of care survey for HCPs
  3. New Sjogren’s Syndrome Disease Coordinator elected
  4. ERN ReCONNET ePAG, Silvia Aguilera, won the EURORDIS Volunteer Award 2024
  5. ERN ReCONNET webinars and YouTube Channel
  6. Mapping of coding system,cross border procedures in ERN ReCONNET centres
  7. TogethERN ReCONNET Registry Training Course
  8. ERN ReCONNET at meetings
  9. New CPMS leaflet translations available
  10. New grant supporting the next 4 years of ERNReCONNET
  11. Rare Revolution Magazine: Special Issue on ERN ReCONNET members
  12. New ERN Data Monitoring process
  13. ERN ReCONNET Exchange Program
  14. Awareness days: ERN ReCONNET participated to the International day of persons with disability, Universal Health Coverage day
  15. Collection of news on rare diseases,rheumatology, and health available on our social media
  16. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the ERN ReCONNET Coordination Team
  17. FESCA event at the EU parliament
  18. EURORDIS Patient Partnership Framework
  19. Upcoming events

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