External collaborating Experts

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The ERN ReCONNET welcomes the participation of individual experts in the field of rCTDs in order to share existing knowledge and to improve the lives of people affected by rCTDs.

External experts may be individual clinicians or healthcare professionals with an expertise in the field of rCTDs that request to participate to the Network activities.

After a formal assessment of the required criteria, external experts can be involved in ERN ReCONNET activities based on their expertise and on their willingness to contribute to the project.  These experts are external with respect to the Healthcare Providers (HCPs) full members of the ERN ReCONNET.

Are you interested in being an external expert?

Should you be interested in becoming an ERN ReCONNET external expert, please send a formal application to the Network Coordinator at the following Email: ern.reconnet@ao-pisa.toscana.it with updated Curriculum Vitae, a list of publications, your research activities and the disease(s) you would like to be considered for.

The Steering Committee will then assess your request according to defined criteria and select the areas of interest in which you can be included.

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