Skin manifestations in EDS: what are they and how to manage them

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Register to the ERN ReCONNET live webinar for healthcare professionals “Skin manifestations in EDS: what are they and how to manage them” by professors Fransiska Malfait (Ghent University) and Alberto Sulli (University of Genoa).

6th October 2020 at 3:00 PM (CET) → Register here

Skin manifestations, such as skin hyperextensibility, skin fragility, poor wound healing, abnormal scar formation and easy bruising, are common across the different EDS types. Early recognition is essential for diagnosis and management. In this webinar, the different skin manifestations that can arise in EDS are discussed, as well as the mechanisms behind some of these changes. Management tips relating to these skin manifestations are discussed.

Prof. Malfait leads a multidisciplinary clinic for patients with EDS and related heritable connective tissue disorders (HCTD) and co-supervises the molecular diagnostic lab for HCTD. Prof. Malfait’s team made key contributions to the clinical delineation, molecular characterization and classification of several heritable connective tissue disorders, and several types of EDS in particular. She co-chaired the First International Symposium on EDS. Following this symposium, she co-established the International EDS Consortium. She was the driving force behind the update and publication of new EDS classification. As EDS Senior Disease Coordinator for ERN ReCONNET and member of VASCERN, Chief Scientific Officer of the EDS Society, and current member of the Steering Committee of the International EDS Consortium, she plays a key role in developing clinical care guidelines, and coordinating and stimulating international collaborative research on EDS and related disorders.

Prof. Sulli is Associate Professor of Rheumatology at the Research Laboratory and Division of Clinical Rheumatology of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Genova. Prof. Sulli is Junior Coordinator for Ehlers Danlos Disease in the network for Connective Tissue and Musculoskeletal Diseases (ERN ReCONNET). Other main fields of his research in the topics of ERN ReCONNET are microangiopathy and microcirculation in systemic sclerosis, including pathogenesis, clinical features and therapy.

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