Summary report of the TRANSFORM 2023 Conference

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How can policymakers secure the promise of advanced therapies for patients over the next 6 months?
Read the summary report of the TRANSFORM 2023 Conference to learn what our multi-stakeholder Alliance members and MEP Interest Group think is needed from decision-makers now, and in the next EU mandate.

The current mandate of the European Parliament is ending, with elections in June 2024. This gives the TRANSFORM (European Alliance for Transformative Therapies) Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Interest Group, an informal group that brings together cross-party who are committed to ensuring that innovative and life-changing therapies can timely reach all patients across Europe, little more than six months to work on relevant files.

The Parliament is currently reviewing several health legislative proposals that will impact the Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMP) ecosystem, including: The Regulation on Substances of Human Origin (SoHO), crucial for products derived from human substances; the European Health Data Space (EHDS), a cornerstone of a new era of digital health, interoperability and innovation; and the proposed Pharmaceutical Package, which contains rules that impact every stage of product development, from R&D to access.
Together, they present an opportunity to future-proof healthcare systems and strengthen patients’ access to care by ensuring the EU is attractive for R&D and, therefore, new therapies.

More info about TRANSFORM and its work can be found here.

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