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Over the last four years, health systems and society have been pushed to extremes in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.
In addition, many of the most important global trends today, including climate change, digitalisation, ageing and rising inequalities, affect health systems and are impacted by them. New tools and technologies, such as AI and genomic medicine, could help to tackle many of the most pressing challenges. However, healthcare has too often been a passive recipient of innovation which, when implemented into a fragmented and poorly integrated system, can create or exacerbate inequalities and drive up costs. A clear conversation on the practical implications of these innovations is needed to help shape a policy response that manages risks while realising potential benefits for all.

How can we leverage innovation to facilitate equitable, people-centred health systems? What are the opportunities and challenges of incorporating transformative new tools into health system governance and improving clinical practice? What is the experience of patients and practitioners? How can the policy environment, performance frameworks, and measurement tools be adapted to drive more person-centred care?

This high-level policy forum on The Future of People-Centred Health Innovation will take place on 22 January 2024, Paris (France) and online, on the eve of the OECD Health Ministerial Meeting. The Forum will explore policies and priorities for adopting new innovations into health systems and is being organised by the OECD, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Fund and the Health Foundation and in partnership with Financial Times Live.

Guest speakers, agenda, and registration link are available, click here for more details.

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