New Sjogren’s Syndrome Disease Coordinator

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Congratulations to Prof. Chiara Baldini from AOUP for being elected as our new Disease Coordinator for Sjogren’s Syndrome!

Prof. Baldini has been working in Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) research since 1999. The focus of her research was initially SS clinical phenotyping; during her PhD thesis, she investigated the salivary proteomic biomarkers in SS and later she had the opportunity to lead the GRISS (Young Investigator Italian Group for Research in SS) in the quinquennium 2011-2016 publishing several studies on SS subgrouping with a specific focus on SS extra glandular manifestations.
Currently, Prof. Baldini is a member of the steering committee of the Italian Study Group for SS and for ILD in systemic autoimmune disorders. Since 2011, her research has been focused on imaging biomarkers particularly by using conventional and ultra-high frequency ultrasonography in SS. She strongly believes on the importance of collaborative studies to generate a better understanding and management of a complex disease like SS. Based on this approach, she participates in several international research projects as well as she is a member of international study groups. Moreover, Prof. Baldini is one of the members of the EULAR Study Group for ultrasonography in SS, of the EULAR SS Task Force, and of the Essential Study group and of the Omeract Group for SS. Dr Baldini participated to the HarmonicSS project, to Necessity and to several randomized clinical trials in SS.

In ERN ReCONNET, Prof. Baldini in the contest of SS participated to all the research initiatives including the Guidelines and currently she actively involved in the WG for Research and Quality of Care.

ERN ReCONNET wishes her all the best for this important role and we look forward to work together!

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