5th International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease

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The 5th International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease will be held from Thursday April 4th to Saturday April 6th, 2024 at the Star Rosa Grand Hotel (Milan, Italy).
The 1st International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease was held in Boston (US) in 2011. At that Symposium, investigators agreed upon the name for the condition — “IgG4-Related Disease” — and codified other thinking around nomenclature and the pathology features of the disease. The 2nd and 3rd International Symposia on IgG4-Related Disease were held in Hawaii (US) in 2014 and 2017 respectively. At those gatherings, attendees elaborated upon the common clinical presentations of the diseases, established diagnostic standards for each organ involvement, formulated integrated diagnostic guidelines, and launched the first set of classification criteria for this condition. The 4th International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease, held virtually in 2021 in Kitakyushu (Japan) during the pandemic, began to review treatment guidelines and ongoing investigational approaches to treatment.

The 5th International Symposium on IgG4-Related Disease will bring together international experts to inform, debate, and discuss novel aspects in the field. The Agenda topics include disease classification, organ-specific manifestations, diagnostic features, immunopathogenesis, and present and future treatment approaches. Opportunities for multidisciplinary work on current and future trials will be highlighted. In addition, an entire morning session will be dedicated to patients, patient associations, and patient dedicated initiatives. Finally, an international collaborative effort will be launched to define the IgG4-related disease activity score (IgG4- RDAS), a novel clinimetric tool to guide treatment decision. Thus, over a remarkably short time, IgG4-Related Disease has been identified and characterized and effective targeted treatments capable of achieving regulatory approval now appear possible.

Registration is open, more info can be found here.

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