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ERN ReCONNET Exchange Program aims at enhanceìing knowledge sharing and stimulating collaboration between health care professionals in ERNs and strengthen capacities and organisation of the ERNs.

ERN ReCONNET launched 2 calls for interest (of a total of 3 calls of interest): The first edition started in 2021, after the first call, 3 exchanges were organised and the program was stopped due to the pandemic; a second call was launched in 2022 and a total of 43 Exchanges were organised out of the 52 received applications. ERN ReCONNET is the second ERN in terms of number of packages used.  

The programme was a great success in ERN ReCONNET, participants have particularly appreciated the opportunity of visiting other ERN centres.

2022. ERN ReCONNET – Exchange Program Flyer (pdf)

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