The 2024 EU4Health Work Programme is out!

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The 2024 EU4Health Work Programme is out: discover how it continues supporting health projects and initiatives in Europe.

On 5 December, the European Commission adopted the 2024 EU4Health work programme.

The EU4Health work programme for 2024 focuses on:

  • Crisis preparedness (budget: € 485 517 000);
  • Health promotion & disease prevention (budget: € 70 900 000);
  • Health systems & healthcare workforce (budget: € 41 404 000);
  • Digital (budget: € 25 750 000).
  • Cancer (€ 117 600 000)

With a total allocated budget of € 752.4 million for 2024, the EU4Health work programme will, amongst other actions, address health-related issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.
The programme will also support emerging policy initiatives, particularly focusing on mental health, global health, the developments in digital health and medicinal products as well as on cancer screening. It will also address the need to boost Europe’s capacity to produce medicines and innovate the manufacturing of critical medicines and ingredients.

Program is available.

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