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ERN ReCONNET is pleased to present the II XUEC CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE MINORITARY DISEASES that will be held in Barcelona – Spain, on February 21st, 2024.

ERN ReCONNET has endorsed this important meeting organized by Dr. Jordi Gratacós and Prof. Ricard Cervera, Coordinators of the XUEC-AIS (Network of Clinic Expertise Units – Systemic autoimmune diseases) 2023-2024.
Prof. Cervera, from the HOSPITAL CLÍNIC DE BARCELONA Y HOSPITAL DE SANT JOAN DE DÉU (Barcelona, Spain), is a HCP full member of our Network. Prof. Cervera is an Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) representative in the ERN ReCONNET Education and Training Working Group.

The conference is also organized with the support of the Catalan Health Service and will take place at SABADELL, Parc Taulí University Hospital.

Here are two short presentations registered in English by Prof. Cervera and in Catalan by Dr. Rita Reig, Coordinator of the Rare Diseases Program, Assistencial Area, Catalan Health Service CATSALUT, explaining the importance of had the ERN ReCONNET endorsement for this event.



Systemic autoimmune diseases are caused by an abnormal response of the immune system against the affected individual. They are chronic, complex, and potentially serious diseases with a multifactorial etiology (genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors). They form a heterogeneous group of diseases with significant differences in their incidence, prognosis, treatment, and clinical manifestations, but all sharing the immune-mediated phenomena acting against the body’s cells, tissues, and organs, leading to dysfunction of the affected structures. In Catalonia, the care for rare diseases (RD) involves healthcare professionals from different fields, combining a high degree of specialization and clinical expertise with daily and close support for affected individuals and their families. This comprehensive, integrated, and quality care is patient-centered, focusing on the individual and their immediate environment through a network of centers and services working in coordination to address the healthcare, educational, and social needs of individuals with rare diseases and their families. This care is provided through two levels of assistance:
1. The territorial or community-based team as the primary reference at home, which includes the primary care team, specialized hospital care, reference specialist centers in the region, social services, and educational services. 2. High-specialization teams in hospitals, organized into Networks of Clinical Expertise Units (XUEC). XUECs are clinical services comprised of a
multidisciplinary team of professionals with a high level of knowledge and expertise. These two levels of assistance work together, and their coordination is managed by hospital case managers, who also provide assistance to affected individuals and their families and offer support.
For more information, you can visit this link.

ADDRESSED to: Specialized physicians, primary care professionals, territorial reference hospitals, patients with Systemic Autoimmune Rare Diseases(SARD), family members, and patient associations.


  1. Raise awareness about Clinical Expertise Units in Systemic Autoimmune Rare Diseases (SARD) and how to access them
  2. Provide patients with SARD information about quality care and access to highly specialized health services
  3. Showcase the work carried out by a multidisciplinary team and the network collaboration among recognized clinical expertise units
  4. Facilitate collaboration and coordination among all professionals in the network (XUEC Territorial Reference Hospitals – Primary Care)
  5. Collaborate with patient associations
  6. Share knowledge

ACCREDITATION: Activity accredited by the Catalan Council for Continuing Education of Healthcare Professionals – Continuing Education Commission of the National Health System. A
certificate of attendance will be provided to all attendants in 100% of the sessions.

Participation is free. Registration is open.

Program and brochure can be seen and downloaded here:

Dossier – II Jornada Xuec Ais Brochure – II Jornada Xuec Ais Program – II Jornada Xuec Ais – EN

Here are some pictures of the event kindly shared with us from the organizers.

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