ERICA Webinar: c4c trials, education and training

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This webinar is organized by ERICA in collaboration with conect4children,  EJP RD, and ERN BOND and it is scheduled for April 11th at 13:00 CEST.

The webinar will be introduced by Prof. Mark Turner, the CEO of the non-profit. Chloe Bickerstaff, service lead will outline services for site identification, site level feasibility, and support during trials using case studies and metrics. Education and Training, the c4c Academy, will be described by the service leads Dr. Francesca Rocchi and Becca Leary who will outline existing courses that are available through the c4c consortium and opportunities for learning about paediatric aspects of Rare Disease research in the future.

Registration is open at this link.

Conect4children” (c4c) is a IMI2 project and a Dutch non-profit that provides services to academia and industry that accelerate the design and conduct of paediatric clinical research. This webinar introduces two of the services: support for clinical trials and education & training.
Learn more about how these services can support your research and how you can inform the implementation of c4c for rare disease research by joining this webinar.

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