ERICA Webinar: c4c expert advice, patient and public involvement, data standards

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The webinar is organized by c4c and it will be held on May 3rd, 2024 from 1 pm to 2 pm CEST.

Speakers will be Mark Turner (c4c), Fenna Mahler (c4c),  Pamela Dicks (NHS Scotland Children’s Research Network and  eYPAGnet), and Becca Leary (University of Newcastle )

The webinar will be introduced by Prof. Mark Turner, the CEO of the non-profit. The expert advice services will be described by the service lead Fenna Mahler who will outline services for expert advice about trial design including methodology, endpoints, standard of care, and national specificities. The approach to listening to the voices of children, young people, and families will be outlined by Pamela Dicks who will describe how Patient and Public Involvement experts design and facilitate consultations that are specific to the requirements of each trial, while meeting the needs of the parents and young patients who participate. The work on paediatric data standards will be described by Becca Leary who will outline how data standards for clinical trials have been adapted to paediatrics and how other data standards can be supported to account for paediatric specificities.

Registration is free and open, click here for more info and details.


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