call for new members to join existing 24 ERNs

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The first call for new members to join existing 24 ERNs is open until 30 of November 2019.

The membership application process will involve several steps:

  • Review the information that is included on the Commission webpage related to the European Reference Networks and the applicable legislation
  • Contact your national representatives in the ERN Board of MS. They will provide you with more specific information on the national endorsement process
  • Fill in the application and self-assessment in the online tool
  • Include all required documents that are specified in the online tool and described in the assessment manual, which include the following:
    1. Letter of Endorsement for Healthcare Providers)
    2. Declaration signed by the Director or the CEO of the hospital (to be provided in the online tool)
    3. Declaration signed by the Healthcare provider Representative (to be provided in the online tool)

Before submitting the application, the following information shall be reviewed by the healthcare providers:

  1. Applicable legislation
  2. The scope, criteria and thresholds of the diseases covered by each of the 24 ERNs
  3. Information provided by the Networks on their websites
  4. Assessment manual and operational criteria

Further information for the applicants:

You will find more information on the call and access to all relevant documents in the following link or our website or by subscribing to our Newsletter or by following our Twitter page 

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