ERN ReCONNET transition of care survey for HCPs

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In 2023, a Task Force of ERN ReCONNET dedicated to the transition of care has been established.
This task force is led by Prof. Gabriele Simonini (AOU Meyer IRCCS, Firenze, Italy) and Prof. Tadej Avčin (Ljubljana University Medical Centre, Slovenia). The core team includes expert clinicians in pediatric and adult care, patient representatives (ePAGs), and members of the ERN ReCONNET Coordination Team.
The main outcome is to identify unmet needs and gaps related to the transition of care for the rCTDs community.
This action will inform the design of future initiatives by ERN ReCONNET.
The initial effort of the task force has been to develop a survey mapping the transitional models currently in use.
Currently, the survey is directed to healthcare providers within our network. At least one reply from a healthcare provider is desirable; if multiple replies are received from a single provider, we prefer responses from different professionals.
The survey can be completed until the 28th of February 2024.
The survey link can be found here.

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