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COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), first identified in December 2019 in the Chinese municipality of Wuhan.
At the end of February 2020, Italy reported a significant increase of COVID-19 cases concentrated in the northern regions of the country. By March 2020, all EU member states had reported quickly increasing COVID-19 cases.
The current COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation and we will use this page to update you on all statements from organisations and entities related to ERN ReCONNET and people with connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases.

European League Against Rheumatism
EULAR Guidance for patients COVID-19 outbreak
EULAR calls on governments in Europe to recognise the most vulnerable during COVID-19
EULAR-COVID-19 Database

European Organisation for Rare Diseases
EURORDIS Covid-19 information resources
EURORDIS statement on Covid-19 (17/03/2020)

EURORDIS statement on Remdesivir (25/03/2020)
NORD-EURORDIS Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Orphan Drug Legislation (30/03/2020)
EURORDIS statement on COVID-19 Triage (31/03/2020)

European Patients Forum
EPF COVID19 Resource Point
EPF Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic

European Commission
European Commission Coronavirus response
Guidelines on EU Emergency Assistance in Cross-Border Cooperation in Healthcare related to the COVID-19 crisis
ERNs and COVID-19
Factsheet on COVID-19 Clinical Management Support System (CMSS)

European Medicine Agency
EMA updates on COVID-19

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
ECDC latest information on COVID-19

American College of Rheumatology
ACR updates on COVID-19

World Health Organization
WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) page

National Societies of Rheumatology recommendations
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie & Rehabilitation
Société Royale Belge de Rhumatologie
Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Reumatologie
Société Française de Rhumatologie
FAI²R Recommandations COVID-19
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie e.V.
Ελληνική Ρευματολογική Εταιρεία & Επαγγελματική Ένωση Ρευματολόγων Ελλάδας
Magyar Reumatológusok Egyesülete
Irish Society for Rheumatology
Società Italiana di Reumatologia
Lietuvos reumatologų asociacija
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Reumatologie
Polskie Towarzystwo Reumatologiczne
Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia
Societatea Română de Reumatologie
Slovenská Reumatologická Spoločnosť
Slovensko Zdravniško Društvo
Sociedad Española de Reumatología
El coronavirus COVID-19 y los pacientes con enfermedades reumáticas
Svensk Reumatologisk Förening
British Society for Rheumatology

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