B1MG project draws to a close

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The Beyond 1 Million Genomes project (B1MG) has been a €4M three-year Coordination and Support Action to support the design and testing phase of the European 1+Million Genomes (1+MG) initiative. This initiative facilitates signatory countries to realise a practice of personalised medicine and health, based upon a shared ‘framework’ and the infrastructure to safely access and integrate high quality genomic data and other health data across borders.

During the project, experts across 25 countries produced many specific recommendations, guidelines and best practices that can be used to realise the 1+MG vision encompassing data governance, ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI), data models and quality, sequencing guidelines, technical infrastructure, implementation of genomics into healthcare, use cases and national resources. Consensus was reached at a European level by the 1+MG national experts for each area.

The European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) project has already started to set up the infrastructure, building on B1MG recommendations, guidelines and best practices. This infrastructure will be available to be re-used for the management, access and analysis of human genomic and phenotypic information by European initiatives, research infrastructures, as well as EU and nationally funded projects. Ideally, they will be able to configure the components to fulfil their specific governance, operational and legal requirements, maximising the European Commission and national investments.

Here is a list of relevant information and documents to learn more about B1MG and GDI:


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